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10 Reasons Ivanka Trump Will Be The First Female President


3. She Knows How to Create Opportunities For Women

If you have any doubt about Ivanka Trump’s commitment to creating jobs and careers for talented women, then look no further than, which is designed as “the ultimate destination for Women Who Work.” More than just an attempt to get some shoppers for her personal brand, is committed to featuring “inspiration, tips, tricks and life hacks” for women in every role of life.



4. She May Already Exert Some Incredible Influence on the White House

For what it’s worth, it’s entirely possible that Ivanka will soon have the ear of the President himself. Throughout the election, Ivanka was constantly used to help humanize her father, reporters referred to her as “Donald’s ‘better half.’” She got credit for helping the candidate tone down his commentary as the campaign moved forward. She also received great reviews for injecting a little bipartisanship into the Donald’s campaign. In other words, it’s not entirely out of the question that the Donald’s oldest daughter will help influence policy from the beginning of Trump’s reign.


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