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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘Bob’s Burgers’ If You Aren’t Already


3. Tina Belcher is the Single Most Quotable Character on Television

The monotone eldest daughter, Tina Belcher is the very epitome of stoicism. Of course, don’t tell her that. Tina is true to herself in the most awkward way possible. She’s an unabashed lover of horses, zombies, and teenaged boys butts. Also, she’s voiced by a man (just letting you know). With zero context, Tina drops endless quotable lines that just beg to be put over a picture of you in middle school. A few: “I’ve only dated two and a half boys but I’ve thought about boys and relationships a lot.” “If boys had uteruses they’d be called duderuses.” “I don’t need a boy to pay attention to me, I’ll pay attention to myself.”



4. Louise Belcher is the Mischievous Kid We All Kind of Wish We’d Been

If you could be nine again, you’d want to be Louise Belcher. Voiced by the inimitable Kristen Schaal, Louise is the spritely youngest child of the Belcher clan. Never seen without her patented pink ears, Louise is one tough customer. No, literally everyone in her family is freaking terrified of her. You do not mess with Louise. She’s also one of the most intelligent, and hilariously mocking characters on television.


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