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15 Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘This Is Us’


Everyone’s talking about NBC’s new comedy-drama, This Is Us. The series follows siblings Kate and Kevin, who were apart of a triplet pregnancy. Their biological brother was stillborn, so their parents adopted a black baby, Randall, who was born on the exact same day. The storyline contains flashbacks from the past and present to span over thirty years of love, emotional turmoil and the differences between these three siblings that run far deeper than their skin tones. In case you were curious, here are 15 facts you probably didn’t know about the series.


1. Mandy Moore Did Extensive Research to Nail Her Onscreen Labor

Since Mandy Moore has yet to have children of her own, she hit up YouTube to watch a bunch of childbirth videos. She wanted to research the entire process so the scenes where her character is giving birth were as realistic as possible without all the “stereotypical screaming and buckling down.”

this is us

2. There’s a Reason Why Chrissy Metz Agreed to Play Kate

When Chrissy Metz agreed to play Kate Pearson, it all had to do with the character’s desire to lose weight. Metz’s contract stated that losing weight would be a part of Kate’s character development, and Metz would have to also agree to lose weight in real life – something she’s more than willing to do!

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