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Unexpected, Controversial, and Just Plain Awesome Moments From ‘Breaking Bad’

Over the course of five incredibly intense seasons, writer and showrunner Vince Gilligan gave audiences something they’d never quite seen before. Breaking Bad was the story of Walter White, a good guy chemistry teacher who begins selling meth after receiving a diagnosis of cancer. What White discovers, though, as he ventures into the unrelenting criminal underworld is that he not only has a talent for cooking, he’s got a taste for a life of crime. Breaking Bad is the slow descent of a good man into wickedness; White’s path is marred with jaw-dropping moments of violence and treachery as his turn to evil infects the life of everyone around him. In a show with plenty of options to choose from, here are some of Breaking Bad’s most controversial moments.

10. Adventures With Hydrofluoric Acid

Being a chemistry teacher, Walter White knows a heck of a lot about what chemicals can do to organic matter. So, when he finds himself with a corpse on his hands in the pilot episode, White knows just what to do to get rid of the evidence: dissolve the body in acid. Too bad he doesn’t explain to his partner, Jesse, that you have to put hydrofluoric acid in a very specific container. See, hydrofluoric acid eats through pretty much everything, like, say, the ceramic of a bathtub. Things get pretty messy when that bathtub is on the second floor. Pretty messy, indeed.


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