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Between filming, clubbing and heading off to resorts around the world, some celebs like to add to their coffers by endorsing products. You never know what unusual items stars will lend their faces to. Some of these pairings of products and celebrities don’t make a whole lot of sense, but as many businesses have come to suspect, fame sells!


1. What Ozzy Spreads on his Toast

Move over, Fabio. When hard rocker Ozzy Osbourne lent his support to the imitation spread I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, fans might have thought he sold out to the Man. Of course, Ozzy is crazy so he can get away with anything–even selling fake butter. Perhaps it was his manager wife, Sharon Osbourne, who got that gig for him. Why the product’s execs thought the Prince of Darkness would make a good pitchman is anyone’s guess.

Ozzy Osboune I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

2. Who Wouldn’t Want to be Burried in This?

Gene Simmons is a notorious salesman for all things Kiss. He clearly has no limits when it comes to shameless marketing of his band. The legendary baseman and his band mates agreed to promote the Kiss Kasket, which sold on the market (to die-hard fans, naturally) for nearly a decade. Today, the casket is a veritable collectible. That’s one way to have a rockin’ funeral.

Kiss Kasket

3. Reality TV and Credit Cards Don’t Mix

The Kardashians put their name on a price-gouging credit card (or should that be Kredit Kard?) that turned into an epic fail. The card was aimed at young adults but demanded ridiculous purchasing fees to the tune of $100. Not surprising, the debit/credit card wound up being a big flop and the K-clan had to scramble to have their name removed. The Kardashians have linked their name to a surprising number of products, including Silly Bandz, QuickTrim diet pills and even Charmin toilet paper!

Kardashian credit card

4. Because Snoop is an Obvious Software Pitchman

Norton Antivirus got a boost in its sales when it teamed up with gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg. Snoop came on board the antivirus company to help educate the public about hackers. Apparently, Snoop cares about cybercrime–fo shizzle!

Snoop Norton Antivirus

5. Lisa Wears Diapers?

When Lisa Rinna temporarily became the poster girl for Depends Undergarments and Adult diapers, fans scratched their heads. The uber glamorous beauty did her part to spotlight a legitimate problem among many adults, but it was, in many ways, a strange pairing. You know you’re no longer an A-lister when…

6. Edible Cosmetics -Yum!

Only the likes of Jessica Simpson could endorse a product like edible lipgloss. Do you really want to eat your cosmetics? Apparently, some people do. The “dessert” line contained tasty body frosting, fragrances, sugar shimmer, hair and body mist and more. It was supposed to make gals delicious, and had the tag line “Wear it then share it”. Sadly, some lawsuits convinced the makers of these weird edibles that makeup and body care really shouldn’t be considered a snack after all. That body mist could give you indigestion.

Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats

7. She Even Looks Good in a Mustache

Actress Penelope Cruz has played some dynamic roles in her day, but few roles can rival her portrayal of Super Mario for Nintendo. Cruz took on the job to promote Nintendo DS and, presumably, they paid her plenty to dress up like a pudgy mustached plumber. Weirdly, she still looked pretty good and her fans got a laugh. Wonder if she’s really a gamer at heart?

Penelope Cruz Super Mario

8. That Burger Weighs More than Her

Of course, the world buys that Paris Hilton scarfs down Carl’s Jr. cheeseburgers all the time. The fast-food chain struck gold, however, when they hired the scantily-clad blonde to flaunt their food. Without an ounce of fat on her, Hilton posed with the decadent burger while washing a Bentley wearing a bikini and diamond choker, and, you know, it actually looked good enough to eat. Most people agreed “that’s hot.”

Paris Hilton burgers

9. Proof’s in the Pudding

Sylvester Stallone promoted pudding at one point in his career. Sure, it was “high protein” pudding, but it was still pudding. Fans assumed this was a hoax or photo shopped dessert campaign, but apparently Stallone really likes his pudding. Hey, it’s better than drinking raw eggs like Rocky did.

Stallone pudding

10. Bassists Need to Supplement Their Income Somehow

Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones has been selling his signature Metal Detector to people who like to go treasure hunting. Oddly, the product has been most successful for the legendary rocker. It’s definitely a must-have item if you live near the battle of Waterloo; however, you might find little more than dirty pennies if you take your signature metal detector to most beaches.

Bill Wyman Metal Detector



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