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Celebrities set trends. The clothes they wear, the bags they carry, the cars they drive, even the pets they own become the next big thing. Remember the small dog in the hang bag? Well, celebrities have vices too and sometimes they try to hid them from their fans. Smoking is still a common bad habit amongst millions, even celebrities. They could be influencing others to take up this bad habit. Let’s look at 10 surprising photos of celebrities who smoke.

1. You’ll Never Believe What Keira Knightley Does

Keira Knightley
Keira smoking up

Knightley is one celebrity who’s always being criticized for her fluctuating weight and her smoking maybe the reason. Smoking suppresses the appetite, so Knightley may eat less because of the smokes. We hope she quits the habit soon, because we’d like to see her looking and feeling healthy.

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