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In Hollywood, personal information is hard to keep from the public. This is especially difficult to keep a private life with all the paparazzi swarming around. So you’ll be surprised to see these seven gay celebrities who are out of the closet now, but managed to keep their sexual preferences a secret – at least for a while.

1. Amber Heard

Amber Heard

Amber Heard is now happily engaged to Johnny Depp. But before the 28 year old Texan beauty met her now fiance, she had a four year relationship with a woman! She is one of the bi or gay celebrities who has been completely open about her sexuality. She doesn’t believe that she fits into any “standardized” sexual orientation.

2. Raven Simone

Raven Simone

The former child star came out to fans in 2012. Now she’s happily living with her girlfriend of just over a year. She says she’s thrilled that gay marriage is being more widely accepted and is happy to hear that it has already been legalized in many states. Raven says she is proud of who she is and is excited that she may be able to marry who she loves, when she’s ready.

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