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If shower slides can make their way onto fashion’s must-have list then why can’t Crocs? The trend towards “ugly” shoes getting stamped with the industry’s seal of approval has finally made its way towards the Colorado-based shoe company. Celebrities have been embracing the shoe for years. Will the rest of the world follow suit? We’re not so sure yet, but these celebs are definitely paving the way and on a mission to make the clunky, foam shoe a wardrobe staple.

1. Rihanna

Before she was the head of her own Fenty Puma fashion and footwear collection, Rihanna was stomping around town in a pair of comfy Crocs. Her whole outfit looked polished and trendy, but a lot of people were bewildered by her choice of footwear. They don’t actually look like your typical pair of Crocs, which make them even more appealing.

rihanna crocs

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