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Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has responded to the new rape allegations that came out against him this week. A woman named Kristina Cohen shared a very detailed story about a time a few years back when Ed allegedly forced himself on her. Ed on the other hand, says he doesn’t even know who she is.


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Cohen said that following the rape she did not have the tools to deal with the situation or process her “pain and guilt.” She said that her mom was dying at the time, and that her boyfriend at the time blamed her for the situation, calling her an “active participant.” The boyfriend also allegedly told her not to tell on Ed or else Ed would “destroy” her.

She said that she felt moved to speak out now as so many other women have been doing the same. But then there’s the part where Westwick fully denies knowing her in addition to denying that the rape took place, where most other attackers are currently admitting to their mistakes. Westwick’s reps have not yet responded further.



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