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11 Pierced Stars Who Have Jumped on the Naughty Nips Trend

Celebs are boldly bedazzling their bodies in many ways these days, and earlobes aren’t the only thing they want bejeweled. Movie stars, models and musicians are popularizing the pierced nipple trend, be it for sexual enhancement, fashion statement or perhaps a bit of both. Some studded stars are proudly open about their bosom bling, while others have been effectively outed by tight clothing and cool breezes. Bellybutton and nose piercings are so passé. Check out this list of brazen A-listers who have pierced nips. What do you think of the trend?

1. Bella Hadid

The 18 year old “it” model showed off her nipple piercing in a sheer black dress at a Vogue Paris Fashion Week party last weekend. Her striking silver studs were on clear display through the revealing outfit.

Bella Hadid

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