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Just consider this one a PSA. So, the season six finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” aired and it left most of us … lukewarm. While it looks like season 7 might have a really rip-roaring adventure in store for us (or at least a super sweet villain), this season ended on something of a troubling note. But, you know what? Anyone who’s a close watcher of the show knows that this is a program of towering heights and frustrating lows. Thankfully, the heights far outweighs the lows. Perhaps while we stew over the death of we know not who, we should take a few moments to remind ourselves why “The Walking Dead” stands confidently among the best in the history of television. So, ahead there be spoilers. And, remember … no one is safe. No, seriously, like half the list is character deaths. “The Walking Dead” really does that right.

1. Best. Zombie Kill. Ever.

On his best day, Merle Dixon was a stone cold turd. But when he locked Glenn into a basement — tied to a chair, no less — and then released a walker into the room, it looked like the guy could sink no lower. It also looked like nice guy Glenn was done for. Then, the pizza boy breaks free of his bondage, turns on the aggression and finds fun new ways to put holes in a zombie skull. The audience never knew he had it in him, which is what makes this seemingly inevitable death such a sweet relief.

Glenn and Merle Walking Dead


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