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There are more than a few stars who stink. We’re not talking about acting or singing ability here. We’ve uncovered a handful of A-list celebrities who have a reputation for poor hygiene. Friends, co-stars, interviewers and sometimes even they have admitted that they have BO. Granted, some are taking a stance against questionable chemicals in deodorants, perfumes and colognes. However, the bottom line is, their body odor is borderline offensive. They may look good and act well, but here are 9 stars who stink.

1. Bradley Cooper

Say it isn’t so! The Hangover star told Esquire magazine that he never uses deodorant or cologne. Back in 2000 when he hosted Treks in a Wild World he learned that the body “self-cleans”, so he stopped masking his natural scent. He said, “Yeah, I don’t use deodorant really anymore. I do take a lot of showers, so maybe that helps.” Those piercing blue eyes just might make us forgive him this one flaw.

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2. Cameron Diaz

The newlywed Diaz is another one of the stars who stink due to an aversion to chemical deodorants. She says she hasn’t used the stuff in over 20 years. She told E!News, “I don’t believe in antiperspirant. It’s really bad for you… You’re stinky because you use antiperspirant. It keeps all the stink in.” This explains why she is sometimes seen on the red carpet with pit stains as accessories. Rumor has it she sometimes wears the same clothes for days and rarely does laundry. I wonder what new hubby Benji Madden thinks of this.

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3. Russel Crowe

Scruffy Russel doesn’t look like a clean freak, so it’s no big surprise that he’s one of the stars that stink. The late Joan Rivers once said “He has a body odor problem. I prefer to sit downwind of him at showbiz bashes.” She wasn’t joking.

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4. Julia Roberts

Eat, Pray, Love and Stink! One of the Julia’s former bodyguards told the press the actress rarely showers. Apparently she is conscious of saving water and not wasting this resource, so she only goes under the shower once or twice a week, using cold water and minimal soap. She’s also doesn’t wear deodorant and is anti-antiperspirant. It is also said she hardly ever shaves her pits or legs. She may be a Pretty Woman but she probably smells funky.

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5. Johnny Depp

Depp doesn’t admit to a hygiene problem, but numerous other sources have said he doesn’t like taking showers, often going days without one. It wouldn’t surprise us, considering his unkempt bed-head style. Maybe he’s just taking his role as swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow to heart.

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6. Matthew McConaughey

It doesn’t really come as a shock to hear the laid-back surfer dude actor is a little lax in the hygiene department. He has admitted that he hasn’t worn deodorant in more than 20 years and never dabs on cologne. In fact, he once told Kate Hudson women prefer a man with a natural scent. There’s a fine line between musk and stink, Matt.

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7. Courtney Cox

The Cougar Town actress is not “friends” with deodorants. What would clean-freak Monica think? Her ex-husband David Arquette has that Cox’s stench is powerful. He said, “Courteney may be pretty, but if she’s not on top of it, she smells like a truck driver and I like it.” Apparently scent is in the nose of the beholder.

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8. Viggo Mortensen

This is one of our stars who stink that may just be a sign of his dedication to his craft. Apparently Mortensen went weeks without a shower and slept outside while filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He claims it helped him get into the rugged character of Aragorn. He must have smelled pretty foul by the end of that multi-year shoot.

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9. Brad Pitt

Apparently Brad’s pits are the pits. He may be one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, but he is also one of the smelliest. He showers so infrequently, other actors have complained about his body odor during filming. Clearly his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star and now wife, Angelina Jolie, wasn’t one of them.

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10. Naya Rivera

The Glee hottie shocked The View by confessing she only showers every three days or so. She thinks showering more than that is a “white thing”, saying “White people shower a lot more than ethnics”. The actress/singer, whose mom is half black and half Puerto Rican, says, “So the study says, a dermatologist says you are only supposed to shower once or twice every three days, so I’m right on the mark.”

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