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11 Reasons You Should Start Watching ‘Ray Donovan’

With five seasons in the books and a sixth season slated for production in 2018, Showtime’s Ray Donovan has quickly become one of the most popular programs on television. As the Boston thug turned Hollywood “fixer,” Ray (Lieve Schrieber) is a complex character who displays no shortage of violence and shady activity. With a cast consisting of some of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after stars, including Jon Voight as Ray’s father Mickey, viewers just can’t get enough of this gritty drama. If you haven’t already tuned in, here are 11 reasons why you should add this show to your weekly must-watch schedule.

1. The Cast

Liev Schreiber isn’t the only outstanding actor in this series. Sure, he brings a ton of star power to the cast, but the show wouldn’t be as successful without the help of the dynamic supporting cast. Aside from Voight, there’s Paula Malcomson who has done a perfect job as Ray’s wife Abby. Pooch Hall plays his half-brother, Daryll; Eddie Marson is Ray’s older brother Terry; and Dash Mihok is his alcoholic younger brother, Bunchy. Together, the family dynamics is brilliantly scripted as Ray attempts to legitimize himself as a fixer despite his past continuing to knock on his door.

Ray Donovan

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