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These characters were an important part of their respective shows, but a huge part of them still remains a mystery. In most cases, we only heard their voices, and other times, their entire physical presence was missing. You may have conjured up an idea in your mind about what they looked like, but these 10 characters will go down in history as the most elusive people on TV.

1. Ercole DiMeo – ‘The Sopranos’

He was the Boss of the DiMeo crime family – otherwise known as the “Old Man” on The Sopranos. While watching the series, you heard all about his life sentence in the pen, his old age, and his failing health that required him to receive nursing care behind bars. When he was in his prime, he was a force to be reckoned with and Tony Soprano’s mentor, but after getting locked up, he handed over the family to Jackie Aprile, Sr. Although his face was never shown, he was still a prominent character on this HBO series.

the sopranos
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2. Stanley Walker – ‘Will & Grace’

Karen Delaney’s (Megan Mullally) third husband was none other than Stanley Walker – the mattress store owner-turned-founder of Walker Inc. Thanks to Karen’s description of Stan, we kind of have an idea of what he looks like: overweight with short legs and a bad case of psoriasis. After getting arrested and tossed in the clinker for tax evasion, Karen visits him behind bars, and viewers are able to see his silhouette but not much else.

will and grace
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