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Since World War II, it’s almost cliché for people in power to be occasionally compared to Hitler by their political rivals. In reality these comparisons have never measured up, as no one has come close to the absolute evil that was personified by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime. In spite of this, it is important for us to look closely at our leaders and potential leaders because if we can spot the signs of another Hitleresque politician and stop him before he ascends to power, that is a very worthy goal (check out comedian Louis C.K.’s recent rant on this, Bill Maher’s send up, or even conservative Glenn Beck’s cautionary words.) So bearing this in mind, do you think that there are too many similarities between Trump and Hitler?

1. Targeting Ethnic Minorities

Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s problems including their loss in World War I and their economic crisis in the 1920s. As a “solution” to this, when he was coming to power, he promised to banish the Jews from society.

In parallel, Trump constantly uses xenophobic references and promises discriminatory policies towards minority ethnic groups. He states that Muslims are a threat and promises to do what he can to keep them out of the country and away from American society. He also blames much of America’s job shortage and economic problems on immigrants from Mexico and Latin America and has famously promised to build a wall to keep them out — and make them pay for it to boot.

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