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3. Offering Hope During a Long Economic Decline

In the 1930s, the world was enduring the Great Depression and Germany had it worse off than most. Struggling under the weight of the Treaty of Versailles they printed too much money and made their currency worthless, completely bankrupting the middle-class. This generated a massive groundswell of discontent and made people look for a strongman who could take control again and help them recover their lost prosperity.


Since the great economic meltdown in 2008, America still has not recovered. There are fewer jobs and the jobs that are there pay less than they used to. Debt levels continue to climb to crazy heights, interest rates remain stuck at zero and the middle class seems to be eroding away. Americans feel that their current government is corrupt and ineffective and are desperately looking for someone with a strong enough personality to cut through Washington’s red tape and make the government work for them again. Trump is positioning himself as the guy who’ll save America.

Hitler and Trump



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