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Stars often get special treatment just because they’re famous. They get the best tables in the hottest restaurants, the VIP treatment at the hippest nightclubs, and rules are often bent to accommodate them like they have some sort of Hollywood diplomatic immunity. Sometimes that special treatment can go right to their heads, and they lose perspective on how they should behave. In the case of the these 15 celebrities, they acted like entitled spoiled brats when they didn’t get their way on a flight. Sorry, guys, the basic codes of conduct and safety guidelines apply to everyone in the skies, famous or not. Here are some celebs who were caught behaving badly on planes. Guess who got kicked off a flight for peeing in the aisle.

1. Kate Moss

In June of 2015 Kate Moss caused a bit of scene when she was flying back from a vacation in Turkey. She was not arrested but she was escorted off the plane. The official story only reveals that the airline had to deal with a “non-compliant passenger,” but eye witnesses claim the model was drinking vodka out of her bag and got into an argument with a flight attendant over the price of soda.

Kate Moss
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2. David Hasselhoff

In 2008 David Hasselhoff was prohibited from flying on a British Airways flight because he was supposedly too drunk. He denies this drunk version of the story, but a passenger on board explained the situation saying “He wasn’t aggressive, he just had problems standing.” Sounds tipsy to us.

David Hasselhoff
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3. Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell got kicked off a British Airways flight in 2008, after getting “abusive” to the crew over some lost luggage drama. When security arrived to escort her off the plane she spat on him, and she also supposedly hit someone with her phone and tried to use her stilettos as a weapon as well. She also claimed that the pilot was racist for kicking her off the plane. She was ultimately sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

Naomi Campbell
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4. Alec Baldwin

In December of 2011 Alec Baldwin got kicked off an American Airlines flight because he wouldn’t put away his phone. The actor wasn’t engaged in an important business deal or anything like that, but was simply playing the game Words With Friends. Alec was so angry about being asked to shut down his phone per flight policy that he ended up getting up and taking his phone into the bathroom. His aggressive behavior lead to him being booted off the plane and sparked a lot of twitter chatter. Hey, if the rest of us have to comply with that rule, why shouldn’t he?

Actor Alec Baldwin
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5. Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia Banks is quite famous for her bad behavior so it’s not too surprising that she makes this list. Azealia was was caught on camera in September of 2015 using a homophobic slur against a flight attendant, after she was told to calm down while boarding a plane. She then posted a nasty tweet that has since been deleted. It read: “Ok so I get hit in the face by a man and no one cares. They only hear what I called the man who was blocking my exit. I’m gonna get my gun license cause this is just ridiculous. Yall n***** think I’m playing.” Chill, girl!

Azealia Banks
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6. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has gotten in trouble at the airport a few times before even making it onto the plane. In 2010 he reportedly got into an argument with some airport staff after drinking in the lounge and ended up getting banned from United Airlines completely. In 2009 he was detained at a French airport for unruly behavior, and in 2008 he was actually arrested at a Dublin airport for public intoxication. Maybe he should find another way to travel.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
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7. LeAnn Rimes

Country star LeAnn Rimes had an accidental disruption on one of her flights when she was trying to do her hair in the bathroom. Apparently her hair product triggered the fire alarm. She said “Leave it up to me to set off the fire alarm in the airplane bathroom w/ theDrybar dry shampoo.” Luckily since it was a total accident the authorities were not called.

Leann Rimes
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8. Kevin Smith

In February 2010, chubby director Kevin Smith was taken off a SouthWest flight not because he was causing any problems specifically, but because they supposedly considered him too large to safely fly. Kevin live tweeted about the event as it was going down and the airlines ended up giving him a $100 voucher to make up for it.

Kevin Smith
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9. Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong was reportedly kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight one time because the flight attendants thought that his pants were sagging too low. They asked the musician to pull up his pants which he declined to do, and so he was asked to leave. They later apologized and gave him another flight. Apparently there’s a basic dress code to fly.

Punk Trio Green Day
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10. Gerard Depardieu

French actor Gerard Depardieu was kicked off an August 2011 Air France flight for literally peeing in the aisle of the plane. He apparently told the flight attendants that he had to use the restroom and they said that he had to wait since the flight was preparing for takeoff. He decided to go anyway, and didn’t bother trying to make it back to the bathrooms. Classy.

Actor Gerard Depardieu
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11. Blac Chyna

Model/video vixen Blac Chyna was busted at the Austin airport in February of 2016 for drunk and disorderly conduct. She was on her way to her connecting flight which was heading to London when she started getting loud. She ended up calling a flight attendant a “Nasty ass bitch!” which was when the arrest went down. She was also caught with ecstasy pills on her but claims that she didn’t pack her bags and did not know the pills were in there. Hmm, does Rob Kardashian know what he’s getting into with this one?

Blac Chyna
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12. Christian Slater

In 1994 Christian Slater got arrested for trying to carry an unlicensed 9-millimeter pistol in his carryon luggage onto Delta flight at JFK airport. Of course this was hugely illegal even way back when security was less strict, and the actor was ultimately charged with criminal possession of a weapon. He took a plea deal in the case and made out with a mere three days of community service as his punishment.

Christian Slater
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13. Diana Ross

In 1999 Diana Ross got detained for allegedly assaulting a security guard at London’s Heathrow airport. The superstar singer supposedly got pissed when a male security guard tried to do a thorough search on her as opposed to a woman after she set off a metal detector while going through security. Instead of simply asking for a woman security guard to handle the search, she just got physical with him.

Diana Ross
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14. Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is another actor who thinks the cell phone shut-down for takeoff rule is optional for him. In December of 2010 Josh got kicked off a flight after he “taunted” a flight attendant for asking him to power down his Blackberry. No word on whether he was trying to return important emails or keep himself occupied playing a game.

josh duhamel
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15. Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton, younger brother to Paris and Nicky Hilton, was escorted off a plane in March 2015. The young socialite was reportedly smoking marijuana in the plane’s bathroom and then got verbally aggressive toward crew members. He was handcuffed to his seat once he fell asleep and was escorted off the plane upon landing. His lawyer claimed the bad behavior came from a sleeping pill, and he settled with a plea deal.

Conrad Hilton

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