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In the United States, we love our celebrities, perhaps even to a fault. We all find ourselves somewhat enamored of those people whose lives seem to be one permanent vacation (just with a lot more respect and money thrown in). Even if you’re one of those people who adamantly professes that you simply hate thinking about or talking about celebrities, ask yourself why you know the names of at least four Kardashians, and then try to pretend you don’t have an opinion about Hiddleswift falling apart. You know you’re intrigued, if only ironically. As a collective whole, our country is interested in pretty much any kind of information we can get on our favorite stars, and sometimes they kind of blend into one another. We’re so anxious to see them from any direction we can. Even an off-kilter one. Case in point…

1. Someone Inherited Daddy’s Intensity

Father and daughter still look like a pair of total badasses, though.


2. Middleton’s Not So Bad, But Prince William Makes a Really, Really Ugly Woman


3. It’s a Good Thing For Both of Taylor Swift’s and Ed Sheeran’s Careers This isn’t How Genetics Played Out


4. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill May Look Odd, But They Still Look Like Soul Mates

Have you seen their chemistry? There’s no way they’re not in love with each other.


5. This Makes Adele Look Like the Second Coming of Celine Dion

Which might be kind of apt …


6. Even With Swapped Faces, It’s Eerie How Similar Jim and Pam from ‘The Office’ Look

Jim and Pam face swap

7. This Confirms it; Kim Kardashian, Still Good Looking as a Man

Kanye doesn’t fare so well.


8. Natalie Portman’s Face on Jonah Hill’s Body Looks Like a Mole Who’s Just Had His Cultural Sensitivities Offended

Natalie Portman Jonah Hill face swap

9. You Can Switch Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber’s Faces All You Want … I Still Hate Them

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber swap

10. Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansen Have Spent So Much Time Kicking Alien Butt that They’re Virtually Indistinguishable

I don’t think anyone remembered Budapest like this.


11. The Queen in Drag is a Dead Ringer for George Bush, Sr.

It’s eerie.


12. It’s Tough Out Here For Some Former ‘Potter’ Kids

This is more like Scary Potter.

Harry Potter face swaps

13. Baby Rowan Atkinson Will Haunt Your Freaking Nightmares


14. Is It Weird If I Say That, Even Face-Swapped, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez Are Still a Handsome Couple?


15. Who Said Swapping Faces Was Just for Real People?

Carl Deserves that kind of happiness, anyway.


16. I Think We All Know This Is How the Balance of Power Plays Out in the Beckham’s Relationship


17. Maybe if Benedict II Had Had a Little More Cage-Like Charm He’d Still Have a Job

Either that or he would have single-handedly kicked off the apocalypse. Either way, you’re watching!

Pope Nick Cage face swap

18. This Isn’t a Face Swap Will Smith and His Son Jayden, It’s an Actual Accounting of the Elder Smith’s Level of Maturity

Which is why we love him.


19. The Mustache is Pretty Much the Only Way To Tell the Difference Between Hitler and Eva Braun

That, and her eyes are filled with hope. Stupid, stupid hope.


20. These Freinds Look the Same … But Different

Somehow, she still looks like a snob and he still looks like a smart aleck.

Chandler and Monica swap

21. With His Wife’s Hair on His Head, Brad Pitt Kind of Looks Like Jesus

He wishes.


22. With Fro’d Out Hair, James Franco Looks Exactly Like ‘Silicon Valley’’s TJ Miller

James Franco and Seth Rogen face swap

23. Something I Never Thought I’d Type: President Obama Can Really Pull of the Strapless Look


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