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Amy Schumer rose to fame following her time on Comedy Central’s Last Comic Standing. The raunchy and ridiculously honest comedienne has been gaining tremendous success as a late-night star in her own series, Inside Amy Schumer. Last summer she starred in Judd Apatow’s box office winner, Trainwreck. Aside from her hilarious sex jokes and dark humor, here are the eight reasons why we love Amy Schumer.

1. Amy Was a Boy in “Newsies”

Amy was cast as an extra in the 1992 musical, Newsies, as a boy. Amy described the experience saying, “I’m an extra, dressed as a boy. I’m wearing a newsboy cap and yelling about unions. I wasn’t mic’d, but if you pay really close attention, you can see me, I’m under Christian Bale and he’s spitting on me because he has a lisp. Also, he’s my number one crush in that movie — my top crush is Christian Bale in Newsies. We had a lot of interactions, but he thought I was a boy so he would usually just kind of gossip with me about things, like, ‘Oh I just hooked up with that girl, you know what that’s like, bro?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I do!'”

reasons we love amy schumer

2. We Would Have Loved Her in High School

Amy Schumer grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a wealthy family. Her parents owned a baby furniture company. But when Amy was nine, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and her parents divorced three years later. Amy says that comedy helped her to cope with her family falling apart. When Amy attended South Side High School in Rockville she was voted both “Class Clown” and “Teacher’s Worst Nightmare.” We all know Amy would have kept high school interesting and I’m sure she was a blast at keggers.

reasons we love amy schumer
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