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On Tuesday, renowned FoxSports personality Erin Andrews took the stand in Nashville, Tennessee in her continuing battle to seek some sort of restitution for the breach of privacy she suffered all the way back in 2008.

Back then, Andrews was working as a roving sportscaster for ESPN, traveling the country covering games of all sorts. On a trip to Nashville for a Vanderbilt game, Andrews checked into Marriott Nashville in preparation for the game. Unbeknownst to her, right next door a big time Erin Andrews fan — and grade-A pervert — Michael David Barrett had rigged up a peephole in order to spy on the shapely reporter as she changed clothing. The resulting video went viral less than a year later.

While Barrett himself was found, charged and sentenced to 30 months in prison in 2009, Andrews has been forced to endure the ramifications of the video every day since. In her testimony on Tuesday — which is in service of a $75 million lawsuit she filed against the Nashville Marriott — Andrews explained to the jury that she, “has experienced depression, spells of crying and sleeplessness since the video went viral in 2009. She said she receives comments about the video ‘every single day’ on her Instagram account, with people joking that she should pay Marriott and Barrett for the publicity.”

While Andrews has continued to cover sports for Fox, she says the video has had a tremendous impact on the way she lives her life. For example, according to Andrews, she’s now compelled to do a thorough search of any hotel room she’s in, even going so far as to check air conditioning vents to make sure she’s not being recorded.

In spite of the fact that Andrews and her legal team believe that one of the hotel’s employees gave up her room number to Barrett, the hotel’s attorney, Marc Dedman, believes that the entirety of the guilt should fall on Barrett himself.

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