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Ashton Kutcher has trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Ricardo de la Riva Goded, a sixth-degree black belt and master of his signature move, the “De La Riva” guard (grappling) position. Kutcher has trained with him for several years and has achieved his black belt. He credits jiu-jitsu as part of his healthy lifestyle when people ask about his physique. He has even travelled to Brazil several times to train – now that’s devotion to the art!

Ed O’neil –
For the last 22 years, O’neill has trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu after being introduced to it by his friend, the writer and director John Milius. He has studied under grand master Rorion Gracie, and in December 2007 received his black belt. O’neill has talked openly about his training and in the 2012 documentary i am Bruce Lee, he referred to getting his black belt as “the greatest achievement of my life, apart from my children.”

Keanu Reeves – playing the saviour of mankind in the post-apocalyptic world of The Matrix involved Reeves training in numerous martial arts, including jiu jitsu, wushu, boxing, and krav maga. His respect for the various stunt performers he worked with on the movie led to him petitioning for them to receive higher salaries for the sequels reloaded and revolutions (both 2003) and him continuing to train in various forms ever since. His real-life friendship with stuntman Tiger Chen led to his being inspired to make the movie man of Tai Chi (2013).

Wolverine’s Hugh Jackman trains with Sugar Ray Leonard.
Jackman even turned to pro wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for tips.
“I rang him up and said, ‘mate, what do I have to do?’ and he gave me his diet. Let me tell you, it was brutal – and I only did half of what he does,” he says. “he gave me his training regime too and that was even crazier.”
He also had to learn new fighting styles, a variety of ninjitsu and other japanese martial arts. “I’ve always portrayed Wolverine as a street fighter and a pub brawler. His style is not pretty – he just wants to take your head off in three seconds and move on,” Jackman says.”I was training every day. I thought gym work was hard but training on the martial arts floor is 10 times harder.”
The work paid off, although the actor was left with an injury after filming an action sequence on board a bullet train.

Chloë Grace Moretz – Kick Ass workouts.
Chloë Grace Moretz shot to fame in the Kick-Ass series, playing Hit-Girl, and most recently appeared in horror flick Carrie. She has also played Kiki George in Dirty Sexy Money and she is also played Teri in the new film version of The Equalizer.
Martial Arts Training:
To get in shape for Kick Ass she did a lot of martial arts training. Cardio workouts, bodyweight exercises and stretching following by kicking routines, punching drills and a lot of stage fighting too. After just two months of her intensive fight training her co-star Aaron Johnson started to call her a “mini-Schwarzenegger”.
1000 crunches a day! A strong core is essential in martial arts and Chloe was instructed to do 1000 crunches every day
50 pull ups a day. Upper body training included 50 pull ups every night. Pull ups are a back and shoulder exercise.
Although she has now moved on from the Kick Ass movies, this training sticks for a long time and she will continue to draw on her martial arts training for many years to come.

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