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9 Giant Mistakes You Never Noticed in Major Motion Pictures

When sitting in the dark, listening to your favorite actors inhabit seemingly real characters, it can be easy to confuse fiction and reality.
Aaaand sometimes whopping great mistakes…

1. Braveheart
Gibson portrayed a fourteenth century Scottish hero, however… kilts were not worn in Scotland until the 1600s, nearly three centuries later!

2.The Aviator
Unfortunately, chocolate chip cookies weren’t invented for another 10 years.

3. ‘Apocalypto’
Mel Gibson (again!) apprehended by Mayan leaders hoping to sacrifice him to the gods. But the Mayans rarely practiced human sacrifice. The Aztec’s were the fiercer, less civilized ones.

4. The Hurt Locker
(one character turns to another and remarks that an Iraqi citizen is about to post their exploits “on YouTube.”) YouTube wasn’t invented for another year!

5. The Patriot
Mel Gibson (AGAIN!) and kids watch as a new nation is forged around them, over the course of five years… Hang on… 5 years? They haven’t aged a day!

6. The Green Mile
John Coffey, a man who’s been wrongly sent to the electric chair in the 1930’s. Lucky for him Loosiana didn’t start using the electric chair until 1940.

7. Gladiator
To maintain his anonymity, Crowe is given the name, “Spaniard,” a term which wouldn’t be invented for another thousand years…

8. The Shawshank Redemption
(Andy Dufresne with a poster from 1967’s One Million Years B.C. which features an iconic image of Raquel Welch.) Sorry Andy, that film doesn’t comne out for another year!

9. Forrest Gump
Lieutenant Dan sends Forrest a letter ‘from some fruit company’… But unless Lieutenant Dan suddenly became Bill Gates, Apple wouldn’t have been registered for another 8 years.

Did you spot our little Movie Mistake?
Know of any we missed?
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