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You won’t believe what some entitled stars request backstage, from furniture, to specific decor, various foods and drinks. One A-lister even asked for an electric scooter! Here’s a list of 10 most ridiculous celebrity dressing room demands. Wait till you see the requests on Katy Perry’s four-page rider sheet.

1. Beyoncé

The “Flawless” star demands that her dressing room be kept at 78 degrees and feature one large table with white linens, four new white towels (two face, two body) and a CD player. Beyoncé also requests heavily seasoned chicken legs and wings with cayenne pepper, steamed broccoli, green beans, spinach and rose-scented candles. The singer can’t have any Coca-Cola products backstage because of her contract with Pepsi, so she asks for one case of Aquafina water (half cold, half room temperature) and one hot tea set-up with sliced lemon wedges.

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