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Known as aviophobia or aerophobia, being afraid to fly is a very common concern. Some of your favorite Hollywood A-listers have even admitted to being scared of air travel, even though most of them fly in private planes. Here are ten celebs who are absolutely terrified of flying. Maybe some of their coping mechanisms can help you.

1. Sandra Bullock

Ironically the Gravity actress is deathly afraid of flying. Bullock admits that it’s the turbulence that really shakes her up. She said, “When there’s turbulence, something happens to my body and my face that is both loud and embarrassing to those around me… I wish there was a drug that I could just take where I didn’t care, still very much in control but just didn’t care!” Sandra survived a plane crash in Jackson Hole, Wyoming back in 2000, so maybe her fear is justified.

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2. Jennifer Aniston

Aniston opened up about her fear of air travel during a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Jen admitted that she watched an inflight video called Flying with Confidence during a recent flight from London to New York. Aniston said, “After the meal and people were falling asleep because it was dark, I had my headphones on – praying I’d live! – and I turn on this video and it’s a lovely British Airways pilot talking in this lovely voice about how my safety and comfort is their utmost priority. How this turbulence is just like a bumpy road and it’s perfectly safe. Just look out the window and everything is normal.” The cutest thing about it, her fiancé Justin Theroux watched the video too and recited it to her on the second leg of their flight.

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