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A meme of young Joe Biden has been circulating the internet as of late and fan girls have been fawning over the pic of the 20-something Vice President. But, Biden wasn’t the only public figure to turn heads back in the day, here are a few other swoon-worthy politicians that have definitely let time get the better of them. Who do you think could have given young Joe a run for his money?

1. A Young Hillary Back in the Summer of ’69

hillary clinton

2. 20-Year-Old Sarah Palin Was Miss Wasilla 1984 in Her Home State of Alaska

Political Star Sarah Palin
Andrew F. Kazmierski /
sarah palin

3. Decades Before Bush Choked on A Pretzel, He Served in the Texas Air National Guard

George W. Bush Gestures
Christopher Halloran /
george w bush

4. A Poutin’ Putin At Only 14 Years Old

Vladmir Putin

5. Barry Obama Was Even Cooler At 19 Than He Is Today

Barack Obama
young barack obama

6. ‘Tricky Dick’ Even Ran for President of His High School Class

richard nixon
richard nixon

7. Move Over Sam Cooke, Young Bill Looks Like a 1950’s Crooner

Bill Clinton During A Public Lecture
photo_master2000 /
bill clinton

8. JFK Really Stood for John ‘Foxy’ Kennedy

John F Kennedy

9. We Would Have Dated A Young, Nerdy Bernie

Bernie Sanders
Joseph Sohm /
bernie sanders

10. Back When It Really Was His Hair


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