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Although we might rolls our eyes and shed great big crocodile tears for celebs who whine about the hardships of fame, there are actually some unique challenges that can make lives quite difficult for public figures. The following reasons would probably make you think life sucked if you had to live in the perpetual spotlight. If you ever thought it would be great to trade places with a star, you might want to think again.

1. Everyone Sees Your Bad Haircut

Not every celeb walks out of the salon with a fabulous Aniston ‘do. Sometimes you just go temporarily crazy, shave your head a la Britney Spears, and the whole international press corps is there to document the bald truth of your bad hair day. Being famous means keeping those luscious locks shiny and bouncing at all times, or else the paparazzi will be there to point out each split end.

Kate Gosselin hair

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