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You may have forgotten about these ten respected celebrities who committed heinous crimes. These A-list stars have some pretty unforgettable pasts and shocking convictions. Some crimes on this list are more violent than others, but they are nonetheless surprising. Some of these celebs are still even considered felons today. Read through and let us know in the comments section below which incident is the most startling.

1. Christian Slater

The Adderall Diaries actor has a laundry list of convictions. In 1989, Slater was arrested for drunk driving and assault for which he served ten days in jail. Then in 1994, he attempted to board a commercial plane with a loaded gun in his luggage and received community service. Slater’s third offense occurred in 1997 when he was convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend, Michelle Jonas, and a police officer while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Slater spent over 100 days in a rehabilitation facility while out on bail and was subsequently sentenced to a three-month term in jail followed by three months in a residential rehab center. On May 24, 2005 Slater was arrested again in Manhattan, after allegedly sexually harassing a woman on the street. Slater was charged with third degree sexual abuse and was held at the 19th precinct in Manhattan. The charges were later dropped on the condition that Slater keep out of trouble for six months.

christian slater
christian slater
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