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It’s not uncommon for celebrities to take on side projects, but you might not suspect the types of proposals they receive. These are ten celebrities offered millions to star in adult films. Read through the list below and see if any of your favorite A-listers took the bait to appear in an X-rated movie. You won’t believe which celeb was offered $100 million for one steamy scene.

1. Tara Reid

Tara Reid was one the of the hottest actresses during the 2000s. The American Pie star, who’s turning 40 this year, unfortunately hasn’t aged gracefully. Although Reid has received some backlash for her scarily thin frame, adult film companies are still interested. On New Years Day 2015, the Sharknado star posted a nude selfie on Instagram that gained attention from numerous adult entertainment companies. They reached out to her and stated that she could show off her “beauty and talent by having sex on camera.” She was offered one million dollars for the deal, but turned it down via social media, stating that she does “movies, not porn.”

tara reid
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