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Many people experience close calls with death throughout their lifetime, even celebrities. Some of these stars’ stories happened while on a movie set, but most are just unlucky instances of life. Luckily, they were able to cheat death and are still alive today to tell their story. Discover 13 stars who had a close call with death, but were strong enough to survive the near-fatal accident.

1. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler claims that when he filming the surfing flick, Mavericks he became one of the stars who had a close call with death. Butler says that the giant waves just swallowed him up and he couldn’t reach the surface. The actor admits that it “was maybe one of the few times that reports were not exaggerated. It was a pretty close call.”

Gerard Butler
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2. Kanye West

Kim Kardashian’s beau had a near death experience back in 2002. Kanye West was involved in a serious car accident after leaving the recording studio at 3 A.M. The rapper’s accident was devastating. He had to have reconstructive surgery for his face and his jaw was wired shut for weeks (hmm, perhaps not such a bad thing!). Kanye’s first major hit, Through the Wire, stemmed from his accident, so at least something positive came out of it.

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