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13 Things You Don’t Know About The Donald’s Daughter, Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump has been in the spotlight most her life. That’s just what happens when you’re the daughter of real-estate tycoon turned reality TV star turned presidential contender, Donald Trump, who has never shied away from the spotlight. Not only is she photogenic and social-media-savvy, she’s a poised, articulate, successful businesswoman who has earned accolades on her own merits, although she admits she was presented with great opportunities because of her father. Still, we’ve seen many a tycoon’s kid go down a lesser path growing up with excessive wealth, so it’s a credit to her that she’s kept her head on her shoulders. Today she is happily married and expecting her third child any day now, in the midst of all her dad’s campaign hooplah. Here are a few facts about The Donald’s daughter you might not know.

1. She’s Jewish

In July 2009, Ivanka converted to Judaism when she married her husband, Jared Kushner. She completed her orthodox conversion with Rabbi Eli Weinstock four months before her marriage, and took the name Yael. She and her family keep kosher and rest on the Sabbath. She has said, “Once a week I totally disconnect. No emails, no television or internet, from Friday evening until the end of Shabbat.”

Ivanka Trump wedding

2. She Supported Hilary

Back in 2007, Ivanka Trump donated $1000 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She also donated between $5,001 and $10,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

hillary clinton and donald trump

3. She’s Friends With Chelsea

It’s not surprising that Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton get along, as they have a lot in common. Both women grew up under scrutiny with famous parents. They both have elite degrees from top universities and work in their families’ businesses. They both have young children, and live in Manhattan. They’re in their mid-thirties. They’ve even been on double-dates with their husbands, both who are Jewish. Their parents’ political rivalry has put some strain on their relationship recently, but there’s a mutual respect between these two.

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump

4. She has Brains As Well As Beauty

You think Ivanka could just coast on her family’s wealth, but she’s actually a bright, educated, professional businesswoman. She attended Georgetown University for two years and later graduated cum laude from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. She oversees an eponymous company that sells jewelry, handbags, eyewear, footwear, outerwear and fragrances and is also Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization. Sure, when you’re dad owns the company, it’s easy to land that kind of job, but she actually works it and is involved hands-on in the company’s real estate initiatives.

Ivanka Trump graduating
Ivanka Trump at desk

5. She Once Hosted the Miss Teen USA Pageant

Ivanka was only a teenager herself when she got the 1997 gig at age 15. Granted, her father was executive producer of the pageant, so nepotism certainly had a hand in this achievement.

Ivanka Miss Teen USA

6. She was Once Offered a Spot on The Bachelorette

She declined the offer. However, she’s not adverse to a little reality TV. She appeared on her father’s shows Apprentice 5, Apprentice 6 and The Celebrity Apprentice. She also appeared on Gossip Girl, playing herself.

Ivanka on Gossip Girl

7. She Was a Successful Model

She comes by it naturally, as her mother Ivana used to model, too. Ivanka’s modeling debut was in the pages of Elle and Glamour magazines.

Modeling days. #tbt

A photo posted by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

8. She’s a Covergirl

In 1997, she landed her first magazine cover, Seventeen. She has since appeared on the covers of Forbes, Golf Magazine, Elle Mexico, Avenue Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Shape, Stuff and more.

Ivanka on Seventeen
Ivanka on Stuff

9. Donald’s Pride in Her is Borderline Creepy

Sure, most dad’s love their daughters and think they’re beautiful, but Donald has gone a little over-the-top in his gushings for Ivanka. There was a collective cringe when he told Rolling Stone, “Yeah, [Ivanka’s] really something and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married, and ya know, her father…” It wasn’t just a one-off gaffe. He’s repeated the sentiment several times, including: “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” He also was quoted as saying, “You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody? And I helped create her. Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body.”

10. She Dated a Few Celebs

Ivanka’s past boyfriends include cyclist Lance Armstrong, That ’70s Show star Topher Grace and actor producer Bingo Gubelmann. She also dated Pierce Brosnan’s son, Sean. Today she is happily married to Jared Kushner, who owns the New York Observer and runs a successful real estate development company (just like dad).

Ivanka and Sean Brosnan
Topher Grace

11. She Once Had Broadway Aspirations

Ivanka once auditioned for the role of Cosette in Broadway’s Les Miserables. She didn’t get the part, but she’s done okay for herself. Check out this pic of 10-year-old Ivanka dancing in the Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center.

12. She’s Rich – Duh

Her personal net worth is estimated to be about $150 million. That doesn’t stop her from eating off a street cart, though, just like the rest of us.

A photo posted by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

13. Guess Who Her Celebrity Crush Is?

File this one under useless trivia, but in case you’re wondering, Ivanka told US magazine that her most enduring celebrity crush is Christian Bale. She also told Stuff magazine, “I love Joaquin Phoenix. He has a very sexy thing going.” She also tweeted about having a big crush on celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

Christian and Joaquin
Curtis Stone

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