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Beyoncé Knowles has been a part of the pop culture lexicon for more than a decade. For a big portion of that time, she’s stood as the reigning Queen of Music — pick a genre, she owns it. Period. Yet, the singer has transcended her position to become something so much more. Through her actions, she’s become an icon to rival history’s greatest. It’s not that she needs a political career. Far from it; she wields more influence than the President. No, it’s not that needs politics, it’s that politics needs Bey. In a world where the most corrupt run everything, we need a guiding light to bring us back from the brink. Here are 11 reasons Beyoncé would make the best president ever.

1. She’s Got Integrity

A President should be completely honest (or at least they should appear that way), and if Beyoncé was in the Oval Office there’d be little doubt that the country would be in the hands of someone with strong morals. Throughout her career, Queen Bey has proven time and again that she’ll stick to her guns when confronted with hostility.

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2. She’s Put In Her Dues

Beyoncé isn’t some flash in the pan success. She knows how to put in her dues. As a member of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé proved she could work with a team to accomplish great, funky things. Sure, she went on to a slightly more active career than her bandmates, but she’s never forgotten where she’s come from.

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