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Beyoncé Knowles has been a part of the pop culture lexicon for more than a decade. For a big portion of that time, she’s stood as the reigning Queen of Music — pick a genre, she owns it. Period. Yet, the singer has transcended her position to become something so much more. Through her actions, she’s become an icon to rival history’s greatest. It’s not that she needs a political career. Far from it; she wields more influence than the President. No, it’s not that needs politics, it’s that politics needs Bey. In a world where the most corrupt run everything, we need a guiding light to bring us back from the brink. Here are 11 reasons Beyoncé would make the best president ever.

1. She’s Got Integrity

A President should be completely honest (or at least they should appear that way), and if Beyoncé was in the Oval Office there’d be little doubt that the country would be in the hands of someone with strong morals. Throughout her career, Queen Bey has proven time and again that she’ll stick to her guns when confronted with hostility.

On White Background

2. She’s Put In Her Dues

Beyoncé isn’t some flash in the pan success. She knows how to put in her dues. As a member of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé proved she could work with a team to accomplish great, funky things. Sure, she went on to a slightly more active career than her bandmates, but she’s never forgotten where she’s come from.

Destiny's Child

3. Those Moves

Who’s got better moves than Bey? It’s not just a personal opinion, it’s scientifically verifiable fact. And, yet, you ask, what does this have to do with the presidency? Beyond the obvious political benefits that I don’t need to explain because they’re so painfully obvious, those moves are not a mistake. They’re the result of months of hard work, which proves that Beyoncé is willing to do the hard work necessary to get the job done.

Those Moves

4. She Stands Up For Her Beliefs

At this year’s Super Bowl, at a time when the country was at it’s most politically divided, Beyoncé took to the stage and made her opinions very clear. Her back up dancers sported “Black Panther chic” and her message was topical and powerful.

Black Panthers

5. She’s Innovative

In a political climate that’s simply stagnant, we need a world leader who isn’t afraid to think outside the box and forge new trails. Take, for instance, the release of her latest album the self-titled Beyoncé. Queen Bey dropped the album with zero fanfare, choosing to forego the inevitable barrage of marketing in an attempt to simply put the album in the hands of her fans. Not only is that brand-spanking-new, it also speaks to Beyoncé’s love for the people.


6. She’s Forward-Thinking

We need a leader who can keep America looking forward, thinking about the future. In a world that’s become a little too concerned about instant gratification, we need someone who keeps us gazing at the horizon. Beyoncé is our lady. Take, for instance, her enviable fashion sense. Innumerable Internet posts have been devoted to ripping off Beyoncé’s style, and for good reason. She knows how to stride the line of good taste while simultaneously striking out into bold new directions. Now if we could only apply that mentality to foreign policy.


7. Best. FGOTUS. Ever.

Could there be a better First Gentleman than Jay Z? wouldn’t have any competition for best First Gentleman. Women could get elected president for the next 50 millennia after Beyoncé, and you’d be hard pressed to find a FGOTUS who could pull off street spun cool and solid boardroom acumen in quite the same way as the hip hop mogul. Jay Z is the freaking coolest. He can call himself “Hova” and it’s cool, because the man owns every room he walks into. Unless he’s with Bey. Then he’s the First Gentleman.

Jay Z

8. She’d Make Those Conventions Fun Again

We’ve all seen how she’s rocked the Superbowl Halftime Shows. She could bring some much-needed entertainment to those boring, long-winded, speech-intensive political conventions. She’s a captivating woman who knows how to engage and audience. She could at least break up some of the monotony with a little halftime show.

Beyonce halftime show

9. She Already Manages an Empire

Being Queen Bey is no easy task, what with all that singing, acting, dancing, record producing and charity work, not to mention raising her daughter. Together, she and her husband are worth more than a billion, so they have some business savvy to bring to the high office. And she does this all in high heels. Can you imagine any of our previous presidents handling all that?

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

10. Those Pipes

Back in 2013, Beyoncé sang the National Anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration. The performance elicited critiques when it surfaced that Beyoncé had leaned on a recording to help enhance her performance. So, what did the star do? She sang the damn National Anthem, live and a cappella. If you had any doubts that the woman could sing, they were immediately put to rest. And if you had any doubts that she would hesitate to meet her accusers, those were buried, too.

Beyonce sings

11. She’s Stable

As much attention as Beyoncé righteously receives from the media, she’s always kept a very defined line between her professional and personal lives, a decision that speaks to her innate stability. She conducts her personal life her way, not based on the whims of the public. Unlike most celebrities, when she married, she did so with no fanfare. The only way people found out was because the paperwork made headlines.

Beyonces wedding

12. She’s Classy

There will always be people who claim that a woman is “trashy” because she’s willing to be photographed in an alluring manner. These same Puritans called Marilyn Monroe trashy. No, Beyoncé’s entire career is a sterling example of how to compose oneself under immense pressure. Unlike other unnamed reality stars married to pompous rappers, Beyoncé is the ideal for contemporary celebrity behavior.

beyonce spanx

13. She’s Gracious

You probably know the whole story about Kanye West bursting onto stage at the VMA’s and interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video. West spent his stolen time proclaiming that Beyoncé should have won the award. What you may not remember (because Kanye managed to steal all the headlines around that time), is that Beyoncé responded to the whole controversy in no time, sacrificing her own screen time later in the evening (as she was taking home the top prize of Video of the Year) to bring Swift on stage to re-deliver her acceptance speech. That’s the kind of diplomatic spirit we need in the White House.


14. She Already Knows Who Run the World

She wrote a song about it.

Who Run the World

15. Her Political Leanings?

Why, to the left, to the left, of course.

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