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A lot of hard work goes into make-out scenes in a film or TV show, even if the finished product looks romantically authentic. After all, we just see the final product, not the struggles, the out-takes, the on-set drama, the bad breath or the genuine dislike that can sometimes take place between the lip-locking cast. For some onscreen couples, it’s a pleasurable day on set when the script calls for a passionate kissing scene. However, if the actors are not that into each other for one reason or another, it can be an icky day on the job. Here are 15 actors who dreaded kissing their costars and haven’t been shy when it comes to talking about it.

1. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence is not totally in the clear however, since her costar Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actually critiqued her skills, saying she was a “slobbery” kisser. So there.

Josh Hutcherson; Jennifer Lawrence; Liam Hemsworth
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