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In the United States, we love our celebrities, perhaps even to a fault. We all find ourselves somewhat enamored of those people whose lives seem to be one permanent vacation (just with a lot more respect and money thrown in). Even if you’re one of those people who adamantly professes that you simply hate thinking about or talking about celebrities, ask yourself why you know the names of at least four Kardashians, and then try to pretend you don’t have an opinion about Hiddleswift falling apart. You know you’re intrigued, if only ironically. As a collective whole, our country is interested in pretty much any kind of information we can get on our favorite stars, and sometimes they kind of blend into one another. We’re so anxious to see them from any direction we can. Even an off-kilter one. Case in point…

1. Someone Inherited Daddy’s Intensity

Father and daughter still look like a pair of total badasses, though.


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