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We take it for granted that most celebrities have an excellent physique. Now, each celebrity has his/her own fitness regime which fits the body type he/she has or wants to have. This naturally means that some will need less exercise, and some more. Still, we know when celebrities are going overboard with their gym routines. It’s too much of a good thing, and doesn’t look too healthy. Here are 7 celebrities who should give themselves – and their bodies – a much needed rest from working out.

1. Pink Is Obsessed with the Gym


Pink puts in more than 90 minutes in the gym each day, doing everything from treadmills to circuit training. If that weren’t enough, she puts in another 2 hours of exercise before each show. Anyone with that much exercise under their belt would be more than adequately fit. What we’d like to know is – where does she get so much energy?

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