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What is better than a perfectly toned body? A toned and TANNED body, of course. Whether they are dolled up in bikinis or in designer gowns, we just love watching our favorite celebrities sporting a healthy sun-kissed look. However, there are some skin tones that are better left unkissed by the rays. When celebrities overdo soaking in the sun or in the tanning bed, the results are anything but perfect. Here are 12 celebrities who are too tan and should take a break from the rays.

1. Lindsay Lohan Looks Orange

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Lohan has gained a reputation for being the “girl with issues,” but we didn’t know that excessive tanning was one of them. We earnestly wish that she would realize the beauty of her pale, freckled skin, and in the process bid adieu to that orange hue she is currently sporting.

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