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Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are one of Hollywood’s cutest couples, and it goes well beyond their movie star good looks. The two just seem like they are truly in love and enjoying each other, which we then get to enjoy by proxy. They’re both hilarious, but they get authentically mushy when they talk about each other. Here’s why Chris and Anna shine.

1. Anna was married when they first met, so Chris didn’t hide anything from her

Anna and Chris first met on a film set, but Anna was married at the time. Since there was no chance of pursuing her, Chris left out all his porn magazines when she came over and told her tales about his sexual conquests. A year later when she was divorcing he was sure he wanted to marry her, as she was already cool about him being his real self.

anna faris chris pratt

2. Sparks flew for Anna when they bonded over bugs

Chris might have known that Anna was the one based on how she enjoyed his sex tales, but for her it really clicked over some dead bugs. “I had a bug collection. Dead bugs, humanely harvested. When Chris and I first started dating, he invited me over to his apartment and he had, also, a dead bug collection…I started to cry.”

anna faris chris pratt

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