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Over 20 presidential wannabes threw their hats into the ring this election cycle, and the ensuing political drama has certainly been entertaining, for lack of a better word. In essence, the president’s job is to represent the people, so it’s interesting to note that most of the candidates vying for the top job are extraordinarily wealthy – quite unlike the vast majority of Americans they seek to represent. Forbes compiled a list of net worth estimates for the major contenders, both Republican and Democrat, using documents like property records, mortgage papers and tax records as well as the financial disclosure range reported to the Federal Election Commission. We all know there is a billionaire among them, but did you know all but four candidates are multi-millionaires? Granted, many on the list have since dropped out of the race, but it is still intriguing to know how successful, privileged and powerful (and perhaps a tad out of touch with the common man) most of these people are. Check out how much each of the 2016 presidential candidates are actually worth.

1. Donald Trump: $4.5 Billion

It’s no big surprise who tops the list, as the GOP front-runner doesn’t let an opportunity pass by to remind us he’s a billionaire. Moving to the White House might be a step down for a man used to Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago. He is by far the richest candidate, having made his fortune in real-estate and other business ventures. Many supporters are inspired by his personal success as a sign that he can navigate America back to fiscal greatness. Others are put off by his bravado and arrogance.

Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump
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