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Hey, they’re people too! Everyone tells a few white lies every now and again, but some of these celebs hid some pretty dark secrets. Then they were caught in a web of lies that they couldn’t escape from. Read through the stories below and let us know which lie is the dirtiest. Here are nine celebrities who were caught lying.

1. The White Stripes

It was more than a little white lie when Jack and Meg White lied for years about their relationship. The two-person band told the public that they were brother and sister, when in fact they were actually ex-lovers. They used to be a married couple! Jack thought that presenting themselves as exes would take the attention away from their music.

celebrities that were caught lying
Mat Hayward -

2. James Frey

Frey was the author of the devastating memoir known as A Million Little Pieces, a book which chronicled his recovery from drug addiction. Oprah hailed Frey as a hero who could set an example for other kids on drugs, but then he was exposed as a fraud. Frey admitted that he made up the majority of the stories and had to answer to the Queen of Questions.

celebrities who were caught lying

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