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Can You Tell the Difference Between These Actors and Their Body Doubles?

Actors use body doubles for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s for stunt work, other times it’s to stand in for nude scenes. But one thing is for sure, those body doubles have to look an awful lot like the actor they’re portraying so that no one notices the swap in the final cut. Here are some actors and their lookalike body and stunt doubles. Can you tell the difference?

1. They didn’t have to search far to find a stunt double for Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson…the two are actually cousins.

dwayne johnson

2. It’s hard to tell who’s cuter here, Taylor Lautner or his equally handsome body double.

taylor lautner

3. Kate Beckinsale and her stunt double could be twins.

kate beckinsale

4. Carrie Fisher and her stunt double seemed as close as can be.

carrie fisher

5. And you thought the world was only big enough for one Brad Pitt.

brad pitt

6. Chris Evans and his body double certainly require a double take.

chris evans

7. Marc Ruffalo’s body double even has the same salt and pepper thing going on. Down to the beard.

mark ruffalo

8. Johnny Depp and his Pirates stunt double are twins down to the smallest details, except that Tony Angelotti ended up suffering from some internal bleeding on set while Johnny did not.

johnny depp

9. It’s almost impossible to tell apart Tom Hardy and his stunt double Jacob Tomuri on the set of Mad Max.

jacob tomuri

10. Emma Watson actually required not one but four stunt doubles for Harry Potter.

emma watson

11. Bobby Holland Hanton has worked as a stuntman for Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum, and Chris Hemsworth.

chris hemsworth

12. Elijah Woods worked with a lookalike scale double on Lord of the Rings.

lord of the rings

13. Emilia Clarke’s Game of Thrones body double Rosie Mac is also an actress, model, and singer.

emelia clarke

14. Margot Robbie did a lot of her own stunts for Suicide Squad, but she must have had a bit of help.

margot robbie

15. Michael Douglas’ stunt man for Ant-Man is a dead ringer for the actor…or vice versa.

michael douglas

16. Wonder if Kate Winslet or her doppelganger double spent more time in that icy water.

Kate Winslet

17. Can the world handle that many Bruces?

Bruce Willis

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