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Hollywood is going gaga over the Pope, who is currently on his first official visit to America. Stars’ Twitter and Instagram accounts are abuzz with praise for the popular pontiff, you’d think he was the second coming of Beiber or something. Pope Francis seems to be a cross-over hit with Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Folks of all faiths seem to appreciate his moderate, progressive stance on certain issues even some atheists and agnostics are fans. Check out which A-listers are crushing on the Pope.

Eva Longoria scored an invite to the Pope’s White House visit today, attending with her developmentally challenged sister Liza, who’s lifelong dream was to meet the pontiff:

Real (divorced) Housewife, Bethenny Frankel, was also weighed in on the Pope’s White House visit:

Olivia Pope is a fan of the Pope:

Bet Francis is glad to know Chrissy thinks he’s cool:

Piers Morgan also gave high praise:

Mario Lopez covets a selfie with the Holy See. He told Fox News Latino, “It’s definitely on my bucket list – to hear him speak or get a blessing. A picture would be awesome — a selfie with the pope would be the best ever.”

Jewish Jon Stewart joked on The Daily Show broadcast, “OK, that’s it – I’m converting. I love this guy” after hearing a clip of Pope Francis dropping an Italian F-bomb during an address.

Russel Crowe, after meeting Pope Francis in 2014, declared, “I’m not Catholic, and I’ve never felt any connection with any previous Pope, but I like this guy… He’s changing the tone of the way you regard the Pope and I think it’s a magnificent thing.”

Comedian Chris Rock thinks the Pope rocks:

He later upped the ante by tweeting:

Seems Snooki’s a big fan, too:

Even actress/activist Jane gave the pontiff the proverbial thumbs up:

Jim Carrey, who played God in Bruce Almighty, had this to say:

Tell us what you think of the Pope in the comments below. Are you on Team Francis?

Pope Francis On The Pope Mobile
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