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Pope Francis is more than just the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church, he’s become an international celebrity with a rock-star like fan base. His first visit to the United States has been a circus of paparazzi, celebrity tweets and media mayhem, you’d almost think he was part Kardashian. The popular pontiff draws high praise from people of all faiths, and even atheists are applauding his refreshing approach. You probably know the basic biographical deets about the first Latin American pope, but there are a few juicy tidbits you probably don’t know. Check out these little known facts about the ever-smiling pontif who’s been shaking up the Vatican, and see why many consider him to be the coolest pope ever.

1. He Was Once a Bouncer

Before joining the priesthood and taking the big job in Vatican City, Jorge Mario Bergoglio (his name before becoming Pope Francis) had a few other odd jobs along the way. He swept floors and worked in a chemistry lab, but he also earned a little pocket money for school working the velvet rope as a bouncer at an Argentine nightclub.

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