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Most celebrities earn enough to be able to afford a driver, so we really admire those who choose to drive themselves. However, not every celebrity has great driving skills, especially when they are constantly being chased by paparazzi. While many celebrities make driving errors, some tend to do so more often and more perilously. Here are the 7 worst celebrity drivers on the streets today.

1. January Jones Needs Her Eyes Tested

Though not a repeat offender, Jones enters our list thanks to a particular incident from 2010, in which her skills at escaping the paparazzi failed her. The result was a nasty collision with a number of parked vehicles. Thankfully, the Mad Men star got out relatively unscathed. She was able to call the police and celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, soon after the accident. We can understand her duty to call the police, but why Bobby Flay of all people?

january jones
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