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7 Biggest Pranksters in Hollywood

It may look like a fun job, but a lot of movie making and television work entails sitting around waiting for the next shot. What do some actors do to pass the time between takes? They have a little fun and play pranks on each other. Some famous folks are rather dedicated to the art of having a laugh at someone else’s expense. Watch this video and see if you think any of these pranksters have crossed the line.

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Working on film sets for 16 hours or more per day can be grueling. So, what do actors do to have a little fun? They prank each other. Here are the seven biggest pranksters in Hollywood.

1. Matt Damon

Damon has been known to pull some of the best pranks in Hollywood. One time the Interstellar actor “outed” his friend George Clooney at the Venice Film Festival. He even told reporters that Clooney had a boyfriend and planned to marry him the following year.

2. Leonardo DeCaprio

DiCaprio teamed up with Matt Damon to prank one of the greatest in the business. When Jack Nicholson had to go into the hospital to get his salivary glands fixed, the Departed co-stars posed as medical interns and told Jack that he was in for a rectal exam.

3. Mel Gibson

One of his better ones was during the filming of the 1994 film, Maverick. The actor wrote a fake script filled with awful dialogue re-written for his co-star Jodie Foster. Foster then got back at Gibson by hiring a bagpiper to follow him around and play right in his ear one day while filming.

4. George Clooney

While filming the Ocean’s Trilogy, pranksters Pitt, Clooney and Damon had a hard time staying focused on set. After Pitt allegedly wrote a fake memo to the members of the crew insisting that Clooney be referred to as Mr. Ocean and that no one should look him in the eye, Clooney retaliated by sticking several bumper stickers on the side of Pitt’s car that read “I’m gay and I vote” and “Small penis on board,” some of which Pitt didn’t recognize for days. Pitt remembers constantly being honked and waved at while driving through LA.

5. Brad Pitt

One of Pitt’s best prankster moments took place one New Year’s Eve at a Mexican resort. The actor rented out the entire resort and invited all of his friends to a south of the border NYE party. Pitt had the power and phone lines cut at midnight. He also bribed the Mexican task force to raid the party and even arrest one of his friends on fake drug charges. Classic.

6. Johnny Depp

According to his Blow co-star, Penelope Cruz, Depp terrorized the set with his remote control fart machine, setting it off during dramatic scenes and convincing the crew the noise was coming from the sound booth. Cruz also admitted that Depp brought back the fart machine to the Pirates set, nearly 10 years later!

7. Ashton Kutcher

Remember Punk’d? Well, one of the best episodes of the show was when Ashton pranked Justin Timberlake. When Justin arrived home after playing a round of golf he was told that the IRS was repossessing his home, cars and other possessions, including his dogs because he owed $900,000 in back taxes. The former boy bander didn’t take the news well – he called his mom and started crying. Well, luckily Ashton got it all on tape.

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