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8 Things You Never Knew About “The Crown”!

“It’s not just the story of a family, it’s the story of post-War Britain”. Yes Netflix’s new ten-part drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II is clearly becoming Netflix’s new crown jewel. But just so you don’t embarace yourself in font of your friends, here are 8 Things You Should Know About ‘The Crown’

1. It’s NOT the Most Expensive Series Ever Made
In a THR interview at the museum of modern art, New York, show Creator Peter Morgan dismissed the ‘most expensive show ever’ rumors by saying: “Not at all. It’s not. There’s sums of money that people talk about. I don’t know. It was $100 million for two seasons”

2. It was filmed All Across the Country
The sets were initially planned to be built in a studio, but upon realizing they wouldn’t achieve the same grandeur, they decided to shoot all across southern England in a multitude of stately homes.

3. The research Took Ages
It took a team of researchers two and a half years of thumbing through biographies, archives, as well as speaking to people well connected to the Royal Household, before they wrote the script.

4. The Cast Aren’t Supposed to Look Alike
Sure, Claire Foy, who plays the Queen, does look remarkably like Her Majesty in her younger days, but they hadn’t planned for the characters to look alike when casting.
“We were going to cast the best actors for the role – even if the physical resemblance wasn’t there” — director Stephen Daldry.

5. The Coronation and Royal Wedding Outfits Are Supposed to Look Alike
In order to gain the audience’s trust, costumer designer Michele Clapton felt it was important to create almost identical replicas of these two well-known outfits,

6. Churchill is American
The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was played by John Lithgow
However, Lithgow is much taller than Churchill was, so the number 10 Downing Street door on set was built slightly larger than the original, and named ‘John’s special door’.

7. Two Series in the Bag
Netflix has already committed to a second series, claiming that the story of the world’s most famous family can’t be told adequately in one.

8 A Six-Season Plan?
Netflix and Morgan have planned out six seasons for The Crown, each ten-episode chunk to cover roughly a decade, with Season 1 ending in 1955. What’s not clear is if Claire Foy will continue to play her role as The Queen throughout or whether the role will be recast for subsequent seasons.

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