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After Charlie Sheen revealed this week that he’s been living with HIV for nearly four years, the entire pop culture universe exploded with the news. However, Sheen’s revelation is hardly new or unique. For the last several decades, HIV and AIDS have cut down the lives of incredible talents like Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson and Eazy-E. Today, the struggle continues, but medical advancements that have made HIV a somewhat manageable condition rather than the death sentence it was once thought to be. While Sheen may be the one getting most of the attention right now, there are still several other famous stars living with the disease at this very moment.

1. Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan is credited as a pioneer of the political blog, having put his thoughts on the Internet in some way, shape or form since 2000. Diagnosed in 1996, the openly gay, practicing Catholic, often controversial conservative blogger has become one of the leaders in his field.

Andrew Sullivan

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