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Besides Rihanna, how many stars do you know with Caribbean roots? Surprisingly, there are a number of celebrities who were born in or have family members from the Caribbean region. Here are ten famous people of Caribbean descent that you may have never known had ties to the islands.

1. Beyonce

The Grammy award-winning singer was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but that doesn’t mean that Queen Bey isn’t part islander. Beyonce can trace back her Caribbean roots on her father’s side, as his family originated in the Bahamas, while her mother, Tina Knowles, is of Louisiana Creole descent.

famous people of caribbean descent
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2. Megan Good

When the Think Like a Man actress was told she looked “exotic,” she explained her mixed ancestry. Good said, “My mother’s mother is Jewish and African, so I guess that would be considered Creole. My mother’s father was Cherokee Indian and something else. My dad’s mother’s was Puerto Rican and black, and his father was from Barbados.” That is quite an exotic mix of nationalities.

famous people of caribbean descent
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