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Sadly 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown was unable to pull through from her medically-induced coma in 2015. However, several stars have faced near-death experiences that have lead to comatose conditions and lived. Here are ten famous people who survived a coma. Read on to find out which celebrities doctors didn’t think would make it.

1. Sharon Stone

The Agent X actress nearly died from a brain aneurysm back in 2001. It began with a piercing headache and when Stone started drifting in and out of a coma, doctors realized her vertebral artery had ruptured. Stone told AARP magazine, “By then I had bled into my spinal column, my brain, and my facial cavity had a steady pace. My brain was pushed forward into my face. I’d lost 18 percent of my body mass.” Stone even claims that she saw the “white light.” The 57-year-old was in a coma for nine days following the incident and was luckily able to fully recover.

famous people who survived a coma
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2. Burt Reynolds

Reynolds almost died while trying to kick a drug addiction to the prescription sleeping pill Halicon in 1992. The Cannonball Run actor was supposedly addicted to the sleeping aid after injuring his jaw while making the 1984 film City Heat. Reynolds said that he was taking as many as 50 pills per day to numb the pain. He slipped into a coma for eight hours after trying to quit the drug cold turkey. He says he even remembers “a whole out-of-body experience” of death and heard a doctor say, “We’re losing him.” Luckily, Reynolds survived the coma and was able to continue his successful acting career.

famous people who survived a coma
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