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Perhaps a year ago, the notion that any member of the Trump family could be considered a real contender for the Oval Office would have been ludicrous. For the first six months of Donald Trump’s campaign, most of the media laughed it off as a silly joke. Then, he won, and now literally anything is possible in the political spectrum. Trump’s jaw-dropping win has opened the door for any number of potential wins. And of all the family and friends waiting in the wings to take over after Trump, his eldest daughter Ivanka, is considered the front-runner. That may surprise you, but only if you haven’t been paying attention to the development of this talented businesswoman and working mom.

1. She’s Not Afraid to Disagree With the Donald

Let’s start there, because as much as some people loved Trump, there are also several million people who find his general behavior and intentions . . . divisive. So, perhaps the most generally impressive thing that Ivanka does, is openly disagree with her dad. In an interview with Good Morning America, Trump explained that while she’s a big fan of her famous father, she’s also not afraid to challenge his opinion saying, “I’m a daughter, not a clone. There are times when I’ve disagreed with him.”


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