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You can’t deny it; video games are here to stay. Almost everyone plays them, most of us without realizing we’re doing it. Sure, you scoff at the idea of some lonely nerd sitting in his parent’s basement bathed in the blue light of his monitor for hours on end, but the odds are good that you’re rolling your eyes just minutes after you posted on Facebook how gleeful you were that you finally conquered level 130 on Candy Crush Saga. Games have edged their way into every bit of our society, so it’s no small wonder that the old stereotype of a lovelorn shut-in gamer is becoming increasingly inaccurate. Just check out a few of the famous names who find solace in simulations.

1. Justin Bieber

While he’s out promoting his new album, Purpose, you can bet that the Biebs will fill his touring downtime with a few rounds on either Call of Duty, Mario Kart or Halo. The 21-year-old singer — like most kids his age — is a professed lover of a variety of first person shooters.

Justin Bieber
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